Comprehensive Professional Land Services

Land Management Services, L.L.C. (LMS) is a comprehensive professional land service company established in 1999. We offer professional land services to oil and gas companies, pipeline companies, law firms, engineering firms, public utilities and government entities.

Our project managers coordinate and ensure projects are completed in a timely and efficient manner.  It is our practice to remain in contact with and always be available to our clients. Our company is composed of three major groups that provide the needed support for large and small land projects.

  • Title Abstractors are responsible for all title research including the preparation of Limited Title Certificates, Patent Abstracts and Abstracts of Title, Tax Assessment Reports and other reports specific to the needs of our clients.  We provide practical business solutions in all title related areas.
  • Right-of-Way Agents / Acquisition Agents are responsible for contact with the landowners to acquire rights of way, servitudes, surface leases and simple fee property. Right-of-Way Agents / Acquisition Agents are also responsible for the settlement of damage claims, landowner issues and general public relations with landowners. Many of our abstractors and agents multitask and are proficient in both title research as well as negotiation and acquisition.
  • Administrative Staff is responsible for assisting project managers, abstractors and right-of-way / acquisition agents by preparing documents, maintaining/updating negotiator summary reports, compiling Limited Title Certificates, Abstracts, and final reports, inputting data into our land system, conducting research to locate landowners, among many other duties and responsibilities which complement and assist the other team members.

LMS has conducted right-of-way activities and title research in many locations including Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado, West Virginia, Wyoming and Montana.

LMS specializes in the following tasks:

  • Title research identify parcels of land, landowners, and existing encumbrances on project lands. We can tailor our title research to your needs including Limited Title Certificates and Patent Abstracts.
  • Land Services  acquisition for projects including Rights-of-Way, Access Agreements and Servitudes
  • Permitting acquire Utility Permits for facilities located within Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) ROW, Railroad ROW, and Levee Permits (required for work within 1,500 feet of a federally maintained levee).
  • Acquire Letters of No Objection (LONO) for facilities to cross third party servitudes such as drainage servitude, pipeline right-of-way, access servitudes etc.

Provide GIS support for mapping of the project area